Nazli: Feb 2020

Shea is my amazing stylst as of now and gives me a beautiful harcut and color every time. I've recently had a full color, and I am very pleased with it.  I have dark brown hair and 50% silver white hair.  She covers my whites beautifully without making my features look too dark.  I also have cury hair and she does wonders cutting my curly hair.  I bring my son to her as well.  He has long curly hair, so he needs a relatively longer hair cut with a boylike look, which is not easy to do.  Thanks to Shea, his hair is easily manageable while keeping the curls visible.  I also have curly hair and she gives me a beautiful haircut.  Now I have more volume, my curls are visible, and I can also have my hair blow dried with a beautiful cut that suits straight hair as well.  She understood my needs and now my hair is very easy to manage.  Thank you Shea!!! 

Elizabeth Cloude: Feb 2020

Super cute salon and really nice staff.  Shea was really great. She discussed pricing with me before doing anything to my hair.  I really appreciated her transparency and communication.

Ann: Dec 2019

I have to add my glowing review for Kara & this salon.  I moved here a year ago and tried it because of reviews.  After living in 10 different cities this is the best haircut (Kara) & salon I've been to.  I have fine hair with too many cowlicks!  Kara has done wonders!  The salon is friendly, clean & relaxing.  Very pleasant without being pretentious.  LOVE the music. =)

Sarah Osborne: Nov 2019

Great experience at this salon!  I initially wanted to change my hair color to something a little more extravagant other than blonde.  Sammy,  my hairstylist, was absolutely amazing, super knowledgeable and honest about how the colors I wanted would affect my hair and the look I wanted to achieve. She had to cut a bit off as well bc the ends were so bad and I had been trying to grow my hair out for a hot min which was a bummer.  However she was extremely considerate about my needs every step of the way and took the time to make sure I would be happy in the end. :)  I love my new look and I highly recommend Sammy and this salon!

Coral C: Nov 2019

Great salon!  Love the atmosphere.  It's a little hidden and in a spot you wouldn't expect a salon, but the interior is very upscale and artistic!  I get my hair done with Sammy, she always has me leaving happy. I get lots of crazy styles and colors, she always discusses my wants and needs with me, will make suggestions, ask questions, etc. to make sue we're n the same page.  My hair also takes a long time, so it's important for me that my stylist is pleasant to be around for the duration.  She's so fumy ad kind. Couldn't be happier with her!

Linda Arias: Nov 2019

Caitlin was my stylist.  Extremely informed and very friendly.  Thanks Caitlin for being so kind and attentive to my needs and did an amazing job!  Great prices. I already booked my next appointment.

Nicholas Viano:  Sep 2019

5 Stars!

Bebe Seabolt: Jul 2019

5 Stars!

Celeste Seron: Aug 2019

Catlin…you made my day, thanks.

Deisha Strater:  Aug 2019

I couldn't have asked for a better first time experience at a salon.  I wanted to give Sizzors a shot since it was so well rated and very affordable for a person on a budget like me.  My stylist was Kara and she did an amazing job with my hair.  She listened well to everything and was very informative on how she was styling my hair.  The staff was also very sweet and I highly recommend going here.

Deb Annarumma:  Aug 2019

My hairstyle place.

Austen Suchanek:  Jun 2019

Amazing service. Got a full highlight and cut and I loved it so much!

Sarah Osborne: Nov 2019

Great experience at this salon!  I initially wanted to change my hair color to something a little more extravagant other than blonde.  Sammy, my hairstylist, was absolutely amazing, super knowledgeable and honest about how the colors I wanted would affect my hair and the look I wanted to achieve.  She had to cut a bit off as well bc the ends were so bad and I had been trying to grow my hair out for a hot min which was a bummer.  However she was extremely considerate about my needs every step of the way and took the time to make sure I would be happy in the end. :)  I love my new look and I highly recommend Sammy and this salon!

Pamela S: 07/13/18

This salon is amazing. My personal schedule is unpredictable so I have seen a few of the stylists over the past 3 years.   I am always happy with my hair, no matter who I see!  They are warm, welcoming and TALENTED!

London Oxley : 06/30/18

Awesome stylist made me feel comfortable and did an amazing job on my hair. The atmosphere was very comfortable. Would definitely recommend and will be going back!


Jessie S. 05/22/18

Great salon. I've gotten a color and cut from 4 different stylists and they all did a great job.

Abby D. 05/08/18
I finally found a place where they actually fulfill my expectations, nice and clean and really nice and kind people.

Kevin P: 05/08/18

Hidden but totally worth the search. Great haircuts and conversation.

Diana T: 04/12/18

I recently visited SizzorS for the first time after researching online for a salon. My hair was in poor condition and needed professional color services. Paul was the stylist assigned to me and I can't imagine anyone doing a better job. We discussed my hair history and what I wanted from the salon. Then Paul worked a miracle with the color, cut, and blow out making my hair look the best it has in years! The real test for me was to see how my hair looked after I shampooed and styled it myself. It passed the test. My hair still looks great, although not perfect as when Paul does it. I can definitely recommend SizzorS and Paul!

Laura Di Meglio: 03/11/18

I have been going here for years...Josh is amazing...such a perfectionist!!! Love the vibe!

Stephanie Waggoner: 03/03/18

I came to Paul after another stylist (different salon) didnt listen to me and messed up my already hot mess. He listened to me and knew what i wanted. I made an appointment with him yesterday and I'm in love with my hair. He was so kind and patient with me and i knew he would fix my blonde. I still can't get over how amazing it looks. Went from hot mess to feeling like Elsa with my icy blonde hair. Paul is amazing with blondes and I'll be back again for him. It is so nice to finally find a colorist I fully trust 100%. Thank you again Paul. I've been getting compliments everywhere I go!

Nazli Tezcur: 02/17/18

​I feel blessed to have found Paul after I moved from Chicago, it was a sweet relief after two and a half years of searching. Paul is amazing, he listens and makes you feel at home, I trust him 100% and always leave the salon with beautiful hair and a color that matches my features and needs. Thank you Paul!

Jenny Hicks: 01/06/18

Just had my first haircut experience here and LOVED it! Caitlin did an amazing job, I won’t be going anywhere else from now on!

​​Mark M: 06/19/17

Stylists are great, artists is a better description. I moved an hour away so a little inconvenient for me now, but not my wife! I was dropping her off the other day, wishing I needed a cut!! Kyra was my stylist, awesome!

Jennifer B: 06/07/17
Simply amazing! Such talented and personable stylists! Highly recommend for quality service!

Alice B: 06/02/17

SizzorS is always a great experience.  The staff is very professional and friendly, listening to YOU and your specific needs.  AND, the MUSIC is awesome.

​​Shruti P: 05/20/17

Love love love. Paul has cut my hair twice and did my first ever professional hair coloring. I love it! Its perfect. Wouldn't go anywhere else, you guys are stuck with me.

Ashley: 04/29/17 

After a lot of reasearch and being new to the area, I decided to give Paul uck with mea try and I didn't regret it. Paul is a Goddess and I wouldn't go to anyone else. I must admit, I was a bit hesitant at first but, he reassured me everything was going to be ok. It's not just hair, its my hair LOL

Adrian: 04/11/17
5 Stars!

Heather: 03/31/17

I have been going to Kyra at Sizzors for almost two years and I don't plan on leaving any time soon! Just got my hair done again and it looks so freaking beautiful! I already have had 4 comments on how beautiful it looks! What a great place, so friendly!

​Aaliyah: ​02/28/17

5 Stars!

Michelle: ​​02/25/17

5 Stars!

Poojita S:  01/25/17

They work together as a team to do the best for their clients and make you feel like you're a part of a family.

​Anna Valek: 01/04/17

I have long hair, always have, and haven't been in to a salon in years. I was afraid of making the wrong choice and my hair sufferin the consequences, especially since I have a wedding to attend on Saturday. Kaitlyn (sp?) squashed all of my fears and I left with an amazing cut after a relaxing shampoo and blowout. 10/10 would go here again.

Maria Dunn: 12/31/16

I absolutely love this place! Kristen is an AMAZING hair stylist. She takes the time to listen to what you want and then makes it happen. So happy I found such a great salon and stylist!

L'Ren Calendrillo: 12/23/16

I absolutely love & recommend Sizzors Salon! I've been going here for the past 2 years & I am completely satisfied after every visit! Paul is truly amazing & takes care of my hair with such passion! The entire team is incredibly talented. Love the vibe, great place, excellent client service & super talented artist who are sincerely passionate about their craft! �� Love ya'll!

Holly Mass: 10/24/16
I love coming here!!! Josh is amazing!!

Susan Tweeten: 10/15/16

After 5 years of trying to find the right stylist in east Orlando, I'm delighted to have found Monica at Sizzors! She knew exactly how to shape and texturize my naturally curly hair and was so thorough. It was a great experience!

Jen Raymond: 09/03/16

​Joshua is a gem! He is a perfectionist and is very skilled at his art. I loved my highlights, and the salon itself has a very positive vibe. It is worth any commute. I highly recommend.Joshua is a gem! He is a perfectionist and is very skilled at his art. I loved my highlights, and the salon itself has a very positive vibe. It is worth any commute. I highly recommend.

Barbara Segrest:  ​08/17/2016

​​Paul recreated my recent hair cut and made it lay exactly like I needed it to lay - Perfect Job! He was very personable and knew just what my hair needed :) Great Job Paul! Brenda 

Erin Strum: 08/13/16

I am loving this salon and Kyra is nice and knows her stuff. The salon is clean and bright thank you for a good experience

Marrisa Bazemore:  08/09/16

Thank you so much to Danielle, always a great experience. She's a hair wizard!

Megan Jones:  08/09/16

Danielle is my go to for my hair wants and needs!! Always a great experience and now she's doing my daughter's hair!!​

Debbie R: ​08/7/16

​Danielle does awesome work! She made me feel very comfortable (that and a glass of wine!) The entire salon is clean, friendly and professional. Thank you.

​Michelle Diane Rushing:  07/26/16

​Come here to get your hair done! I have sat down with 3 different stylists, and they ALL have done my hair PERFECT each time. Plus, the price is good and the atmosphere is relaxing. I drive 2 hours to come here and I have no regrets!

​Heidi Sells: 07/14/16

​Joshua is wonderful! He always gives me his full attention and seems to understand what I want before I really do. He is a master at his art and seems to take pride in what he does which is very important to me.

​Mallory Benard:  07/13/16

Went here today for the first time and I'm so happy with the results!! Kristen did an awesome job. Their customer service is top notch, their salon is beautiful and their prices are great. I can't wait to go back!

Keri Lawrence: ​06/22/16

Just had my hair done by Joshua!  It was a wonderful experience!  I found Sizzors based on reviews and they lived up to it. It was easy to make an appointment, everything happened on time. Joshua was very knowledgeable and my hair feels great and looks healthy! I needed a salon "home" in Oviedo and am glad I found this one. It was a little tricky to find at first, location-wise, but definitely worth it. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Gloria Redmond:  06/12/16

​I absolutely love Paul and my hair has never looked better. I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair before.

Chad Munn:  05/16/16

It was extremely clean and the staff were very friendly and professional. It's a hidden secret you'll want to share. They treated my wife and four year old daughter really well.

Marie Lucas: 03/18/16
​I love Kyra. She is awesome. Kyra has been doing my hair for over 5 years.

Stepnany Lobban:  03/17/16

​Love the time they take with my hair! I have thick, long curly hair and it's not easy to tame it! Everyone at Sizzors is talented and super friendly! -Stephany​

​​Cathy: 01/15/16

Paul is the best ever!!

Rebecca Smartis: 12/5/15

I recently tried SizzorS after years with the same stylist and then moving away. I was nervous, but Kyra was fantastic. I showed her a few pics of what I liked and she quickly got to work. It has been 3 weeks now and I have to say this is the BEST haircut I have ever received. I wanted long layers that were easy to maintain or glam up with curls and Kyra delivered. I've never had a haircut before that I can let air dry and it still looks awesome. The salon was a little hard to find, but inside the music was nice and the area was clean. Kyra was awesome and the pricing was very reasonable. SizzorS now has a new customer!


Charlotte: 08/15/15

Paul is simply amazing! He is so talented.  Love getting my hair done by him.

Sam M: 07/29/15

Thanks Danielle!! Love her...Lover her...Love her. Felt bad, left beautiful! 

​UPDATE: 10/23/15  Still love her!!

Priya Poonia Eales:  5/24/15

Excellent customer service & great team work by Paul, Kristen & Nancy!!  Paul went above & beyond to make sure my hair was done exactly like I requested. A lot of work had to be put into my extra thick, long black hair. Job well done !!! love the new look !!!​

​Ashley I:  02/16/15  

​I can't thank Danielle enough for doing my hair for the last 6 years.  Danielle understands my need for change and she embraces it. She's one of the most loving humans I have ever met.  If you want to meet a hairdresser that you can build a relationship with, see Danielle. Danielle will listen to all of your ideas and do her best to help you in any way she can.

Sharon C.: 07/14/14

Josh did a fantastic job on a completely new doo! He's very talented!

Sharon Reif: 04/10/14

Joshua does a great job, color and cut, and that doesn't even include his amazing head massage/shampoo.  Really listens, adds his own creative instincts, great results.

Janice: 03/31/14

Ask for Joshua!

Mary: 03/29/14

Josh is amazing, he listens to me and takes his time and gave me the layers nobody else could!

Jen: 03/29/14

this salon is one of a kind. thanks Kristen for making my hair look Fab! Best cut and color ever.

Marjorie: 03/19/14

I went to SizzorS for the first time today and got a wonderful haircut from Joshua. Thank you so much!

Carla Hogan: 06/8/13 

Kristen is awesome! She always does a great cut, great color and she makes you feel like you are the only person on the planet!  SizzorS atmosphere is modern, artsy, very comfortable...I love it! Nancy plans the best events that are fun and always supporting a good local cause. Keep up the good work, guys!

Crystal H:  05/21/13

I am to thankful to SizzorS for my haircut and color!

Althea R.: 03/22/13

As for Kristen! She is the best hair colorist I have ever encountered. I have been going to Kristen for over a year and have never been disappointed. She has a warm welcoming personality and the salon is amazing.

Nicole:  08/7/12

I was very fortunate to find Kristen.  My color is always very natural looking and I always get compliments, even from people I don't even know!

Lisa: 05/27/12

Classy, stylish, magical, wonderful, terrific and the best salon in Oviedo. the perfect place to feel like the people care about you and not just the money. I recieved the best treatment I ever had.  Everything I had done my hair colored and cut, my eyebrow's waxed and my nails done all look perfect. I feel like a new person.  Thank you SizzorS salon. I will be back with many of my family and friends. Thank you.

Tod: 05/24/12

This is one amazing salon! An absolute hidden gem in Oviedo. The whole staff works together to make you feel totally pampered and at home.  It's super modern and stylish. My stylist worked some serious magic and listens and gives you just what you want, except better!

Millie B: 05/22/12

A nice comtemporary salon. I love the windows with a view to the outdoors. My first time - my stylist was wonderful he listened and made my hubby happy with the new cut.

Kristine: 05/22/12

Yesterday was my first trip to Sizzors. What a wonderful atmosphere and I really like how the entire staff made me feel welcome and comfortable.  My stylist was amazing, takin ghe time to listen, explained things as he cut my hair, and offered valuable advice.  Love my new haircut! Thanks!

Ann: 05/13/12

Best place I have been in years for nails and hair! You can not help but feel that the folks here really care about your and how you look.

Kathy: 05/5/12

This is a hidden treasure in Oviedo. I was soooo happy with my haircut.  My stylist was not only knowledgable and creative with my style but also very attentive and offered advice unique to my hair type and style. I love this place!

Nicole: 04/22/12

I have to say that I have never been in a more beautiful salon, props to the owner! I have been to serveral salons in the Oviedo area and never could find anyone to understand the style I wanted until now.  Thank you for doing fantastic work!

Danielle: 03/18/12

WOW! The salon is awesome. The staff is awesome. The music is awesome. Very happy.

Anna: 02/12/12

Love, love, love this salon!  Nancy's nails are beautiful, and they have the best stylists in town! It's like they are mind readers. I get compliments on my hair and nails everywhere I go! I can't say enough good things about the staff here...or thank enough!

Leslie: 02/10/12

What a great place! I loved the classy look of the salon and the girls that work there were so friendly and nice to me and each other.  It's nice to see a great salon, there is no other salon like this one in Oviedo.  I'll be back many more times. Thannk you Nancy and the rest of the stylists. I will be sending my family and friends your way!. See you soon!

Peggy: 02/7/12

WOW! Love my Hair Color...It was a group effort and all of you are awesome!  My Mom loves her hair cut also. We'll be back. See you soon.

James Anthony: 2/5/12

Great job girls...each time I visit I get the perfect cut. You actually listen to me and deliver what I ask. It's a fun time.

Gail Root: 02/5/12

It was an amazing experience. I have never been so happy after a first time salon appointment. Kudos to my stylist and to owner and staff for making this nervous wreck feel comfortable and confident. i know I have found a SALON HOME. Kudos to the Nail tech and owner too!. Thanks Nancy!

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